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Do I need to get more than one estimate to repair my car?
No. Indiana law says you need to have only one estimate for your insurance company to pay for auto body repairs.
My insurance company is telling me to go to a certain collision repair shop. Do I have to do that?
No. Many insurance companies have what they call a DRP, or Direct Repair Program. The companies steer work to these particular shops. You are not required to use that shop to have your claim paid.
Will you work with my insurance provider?
Yes!Touch 'N Go Collision Center works with both major insurance brands and lesser-known companies. Our staff will help you understand your options and eliminate confusion.
What if I don't want to file a claim? Will you repair the damage to my vehicle?
Yes! You may pay Touch 'N Go directly for the work done on your car or truck. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 
Do you use genuine factory parts to repair my vehicle?
Your insurance policy likely spells out what parts it will cover, but Indiana law provides some protections for consumers. You also may request genuine factory parts be used, regardless of what your insurer covers, if you are willing to pay the difference?
I need a loaner or rental car. Can you help?
We will work with your insurer to see if a rental car is included in your coverage. If not, we will help arrange for you to obtain a rental car.


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